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Some of the basic problems can be sorted out easily. Please have a look in our Help & Support Page below:

1) Viewing Issues

Loading Problem : This issue occurs when there is no connection  between your Gurkha TV Box and your router. Please goto the home screen and goto your settings. The default password for your box is 0000. Goto connection settings and choose wired if you are using ethernet cable or choose wireless if you are using wireless and then enter your pass which will then redirect you to the Home screen.
Signal Failure Message : This Problem persists from our source. You can contact us if this problem persists for more than 10 - 12 minutes. Sometime the problem is already sorted out but the box needs to be restarted.

2) Remote control issue 

Our remote control has many features to help you with. If you have a problem with your remote control, please check if the battery needs to be replaced. if problem persists contact us and we will replace your remote control as soon as possible. In order to view the functions in our remote control please click here.

3) Setup your box
We have got a full instruction for you on setting up the box. Please click here to download the file.

4) Change of your payment details
If there is change in your payment details you can directly download the standing order form and complete it or you can also contact us.

5)Moving house
If you are moving house you can view our services in your new home without any issue. You just need an internet and you are done. You also need to update your information to us.


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